My First Time Lesbian Experience Ever Part 1 | Sex Story

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Pqrt 1: My First Time Lesbian Experience Ever

Part 2:

Hello everyone, I am Yashmita. This is my first story. I have wanted to tell my story for quite a while now. Fearing about the judgments, it is now that I gained my courage to share my story about my first time lesbian experience.
I am 22 years old, about 5 feet 5 inches tall, fair, and sometimes, pale type of skin tone. I have light brown eyes, dark hairs that touch, just an inch or two below my shoulders. My mom is a yoga trainer. She used to force me to do yoga, over the period, it grew in me.
I often get jealous, that my elder sister looks like my mom. But I loved her anyway. Coming back to my description, with the help of yoga, I can manage my pretty body, at ease. My body measurement is 34-25-35. Now that you have an idea of how I look, let us dive into the story.
My dad is an English professor, at a college in Delhi, my mom, and I live in Bangalore. We get together, like once or twice, every six months. As per my dad’s suggestion, I took a year for medical entrance exam, preparation after my schooling. I enrolled in a coaching class in Bangalore.
My coaching class schedule was, from morning 9 to evening 5. After that, I attend yoga classes with my mom, and sometimes I am busy with the study work. I had amazing people, at the coaching class, as my mentors, or let’s say, coaches.
All of them were men, except for chemistry. And the coincidence is, I am horrible at chemistry. So, the classes, and my life went well, for some time until I screwed up, in the weekly chemistry test. My chemistry coach’s name was Meghana.
She was nearly 35, and had a son. She looked so young for her age, and so hot to be a tutor. She was super fair, dark long hairs, that reached her waist, and dark brown sparkly eyes.
I was jealous of her feminine body. Her body measurement was, approximately 37-27-37.  She was just an inch taller than me, making her look, like a curvaceous, and sensual woman.
And I almost forgot, to mention the main character of my story, my friend, and classmate Alisha. In her case, I am not jealous of her. But it is the other way around. She was like me, in many ways, but not all. She was 5 feet 5 inch tall too, we are the same height. She wore a glass, yet she looked cute.
She was a chatterbox, super active girl I have ever met. If it weren’t for her periods, she would never stay silent, and dull. Her body measurement was 34-25-34. She had a flat tummy, and always complained about her almost, flat butt too.
One day after the chemistry class, and my disastrous performance, Meghana ma’am insulted me. That broke my heart, it was the last class on that day, so I rushed back home. I locked myself inside my room, and started crying, thinking about my humiliation.
Then later, at around 6 pm, Alisha called me to check my mindset, and all. She was good at spotting my lie. I said that I was alright, she didn’t buy it. Instead, she came to my home. Her house was just half a kilometer, from my home. So, it took just 10 minutes to reach here.
Alisha: Hey, are you alright, Yash?, (she and most of my friends call me Yash.)
I was still sobbing, tears in my eyes. She hugged me tight, and rubbed my back, and stroke my hair.
Alisha: Don’t think about that, it’s alright. It’s a normal thing, and you know it. Then why do you think about it?
Me: No one has scolded me that bad.
I was hugging her back, and resting my head on her shoulders. Then a few minutes went, we went to my room, sat silently on my bed. Then she came near me, and whispered in my ears.
Anupama sent me this image. I’ll show you if you promise, not to utter a word about that photo.
I hesitated, and out of curiosity, I promised her. Then she grabbed her mobile, and showed me a photo of Anupama, and her boyfriend naked on the bed. I didn’t know her boyfriend’s name. So, let’s go with x.  X was lying on the bed near Anupama, with his erect dick, which Anupama was holding in her hand.
Anupama was lying naked, on her stomach beside x. Her butt was firm, and mounted up. They were biting each other’s lips. I was breathless for a moment after seeing the photo. (Anupama’s butt made me jealous. But, there were more erotic things to consider.)
By that point, I got some unusual feelings, under my bra. My hands were shivering. The next minute I realized, my nipples were getting perky. I was taking deep breaths, and looked at Alisha. She was giggling, and casual about this.
Me: Please don’t show me such stuff again. What’s wrong with you? Why are you carrying, such disgusting photos with you?
Alisha: Disgusting? What’s wrong with you, Yashmita? This is just some photos. You are acting, as if like I recommended you for a sex party, or threesome or something.
Me: What is a threesome anyway? Is that even a thing?
Alisha: You are not serious, are you?
I was staring at her. And she grew irritated.
Alisha: It is when three people have sex at the same time.