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Welcome to episode 68 of my HUGE roadtrip through the USA.
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Today I have a slighlty different video, but it will help a lot of people that visit Las Vegas.

Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY, saw these annoying people on the Strip making a lot of noise with those cards they have in their hands.

These cards are flyers. If you take one, you will notice almost naked girls on them with a text similar like: “Girls Direct to you!”, with a phone number.

You also see a lot of vehicles driving non stop on the Las Vegas Strip with HUGE advertisement that says the same, “HOT BABES DIRECT TO YOU!”.

I think you might be thinking that these big trucks with those huge billboards have the girls inside the truck for fast delivery. NOT.

You are also questioning yourself, but.. but.. prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas right? Yep that is true.

But how does it work then?

Well, this is how it works!

When you call the number, somebody will answer you and you have to give them your creditcard number. You will pay a BIG amount of money.

They WILL send you a girl to your room.

But that’s it! She will knock on your door, you will let her inside your room and THAT’s IT!!


Your money is gone my friend.

They never told you about sex or doing something else with them.

The adverstisement is about sending a girl to your room, so the deal is done and closes when she entered your room.

There is NO prostitution or sex going on there.

So there is something else.

Prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas and that is why they play it this way.

You have to pay for a girl to your room.
They send you a girl. You paid your money and the deal is done.
So when this girl is in your room and you want to do something with her..
Then it is “between the girl and you”.

So as you can see here. This escort company is very smart to make illegal things legal.

All the stuff that you are going to do with that lady is between you and her, and this company has “nothing to do with it”.

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