7 Dirty Text Messages You MUST Send Him TONIGHT

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Sending him dirty text messages and other secrets:

Warning: Mature content ahead!

If you’re learning the art of how to seduce a man, you gotta check out my latest dating advice video on sending him the spiciest text messages to fire up his imagination like crazy.

Most guys have active imaginations when it comes to sex (surprise, surprise) and all it takes is the right combination of words to drive him wild with desire. So, I’ll show you the most effective ways to get him hot and bothered with nothing more than your average mobile phone .

Think of dirty text messaging like dropping a match in a gas tank – once you know the right way to text him, the results will be nothing short of EXPLOSIVE.

Remember, it’s all part of knowing how to please your man, and I’ll give you the rundown of what makes for a truly dirty text message – and what doesn’t.

Most women who are figuring out how to attract men don’t realize that their dirty texts can actually go over the top and turn off a guy.

Yes, you heard that right. We DO have a limit on explicit text messages, and I’ll show you exactly where that line is so you don’t cross it. You’ll ride the edge and keep his sexual interest at a fever pitch so he’ll become helplessly addicted to you – all with the power of a few key messages to hijack his heart.

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